The Oxford Science Park, Oxford

Use Classes:

Life Science


140,000 sq ft

Areas of Expertise:

Development, Planning


The Oxford Science Park, situated on the southern outskirts of Oxford, England, is a science and technology park that officially opened its doors in 1991. Owned by Magdalen College, Oxford, the park has robust connections with the nearby University of Oxford. Currently, it accommodates just over 60 companies.

Added Value

Tes Adamou orchestrated the masterplan and development of prototype adaptable buildings, offering expansion opportunities for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) focused on advanced therapeutics. These buildings serve as an alternative entrance to the Science Park. The initial phase comprises 140,000 sq ft structures featuring modular cores that can be tailored to accommodate tenant needs with minimal disruption to ongoing operations. This process involved a strategic approach to understanding tenant requirements, devising fit-out strategies, and overseeing mobilisation efforts.